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Jacksonville’s Bikini Waxing: From Full Body to Bikini it’s Your Choice

At Brazils Waxing Center Jacksonville, the most important thing to us is making sure that you get exactly the look and feel you want when it comes to hair removal, and that you never feel judged or shamed for your preferences. So whether you have a specific style in mind for your bikini area, or you want to… read more

North Jacksonville’s Bikini Waxing: From Full Body to Bikini it’s Your Choice

At Brazils Waxing Center Jacksonville-River City, it’s our goal to help as many people as possible find the waxing service that’s right for them. If you’ve finally had enough of razor burn along your bikini line, or you’ve always felt self-conscious about the hair on your forearms, we can sort you out with our range of… read more

Best Brazilian Wax in Jacksonville? Check Out Brazil’s

What does it mean to give the best Brazilian wax in Jacksonville? The most obvious answer is the results, right? If you aren’t smooth and sleek from front to back, then clearly you’re not dealing with body waxing experts. But beyond the actual hair removal, there are lots of other things to consider when you’re… read more

Waxing Services in Jacksonville: From Head to Toe We have You Covered

Imagine you’ve just gotten your legs waxed. You run your hands along your leg to enjoy that soft, smooth feeling. Then you look down at the fine hair on arms and notice a slight disconnect. Or your hands reach your abdomen and, instead of smooth skin, things get a little hairy again. Brazils Waxing Center… read more

Bikini Waxing in Jacksonville: New Year, New You

The New Year has finally arrived! What new and exciting changes does 2019 hold for you? Will this be the year when you start a new career, go back to school, or meet the love of your life? Only time will tell. However, there are some small changes you can control right here, right now. If… read more

Brazilian Waxing in Jacksonville: Once You Wax, You’ll Never Go Back

We all have different preferences when it comes to our personal style, from the jackets we wear right down to our hair down there. If you’re tired of shaving or trimming, then maybe it’s time to take your grooming to the next level with a Brazilian wax. It may sound intimidating, but there’s nothing like smooth,… read more

Brazilian Waxing in North Jacksonville: Once You Wax, You’ll Never Go Back!

We all have different preferences when it comes to body hair removal and grooming — and it doesn’t get more personal than the choices we make about our hair down there. However, if you’ve always loved the look and feel of silky soft skin all over, but have never taken the plunge with a full Brazilian wax,… read more

Let’s Talk Body Positions for a Brazilian wax

Body positioning during waxing is a key part of ensuring a successful and smooth service. In Brazilian waxing, it is the most crucial. If you are positioned incorrectly, it can cause them unnecessary discomfort or self-consciousness. There is also a likelihood that the hairs may be more difficult to remove during the service. Some of… read more

Wax While Pregnant? Yes You Can!

pregnant woman relaxation after exercising

  There is often a misconception that waxing while pregnant is to be avoided, but according to our team of experts, waxing while pregnant is both safe and doable! At Brazils Waxing Center, we Appreciate Every Body® and this definitely includes our mommies to be! No matter if you are in your first, second or… read more

The History of Hair Removal

It may surprise you to learn that hair removal has been popular in one form or another for centuries. While these days, removing unwanted hair is as easy as booking an appointment with our waxing studio online, but for centuries women and men had to rely on some creative methods for removing the hair they… read more