What to Expect


You’ve finally decided to try waxing! Here are a few tips to do before and after your wax that help make your wax experience the best ever!


For best results, stop shaving for 2 full weeks before your appointment and exfoliate the night before. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment time. If possible, do not wear deodorant, lotions, or oils to your wax appointment. Doing so makes it harder for your hair to be removed. When receiving intimate waxing services, always freshen up in the restroom first!


Relax, breathe, and know that you are in good hands

Talk to your Wax Technician, she is a pro and has seen it all before!

Listen to your Technician and ask questions. Your Technician is a highly trained professional there to serve you.


After receiving your wax, do not wear tight clothing and do not work out, go swimming, or wear scented lotions, soaps, and oils for 24hrs.

Exfoliating after your first wax is crucial for maintaining healthy and glowing skin, and ensuring future waxes work effectively. However, remember not to exfoliate directly after your wax appointment. Plan on giving your skin 24 hours to recuperate. Exfoliation removes the top layer of dead skin, which can trap in bacteria and cause ingrown hairs, irritation, rashes, or other infections. If you’re getting a bikini or Brazilian wax, exfoliate the bikini line and the sides of the waxed area because there is increased sensitivity near the genital areas. This rule applies both to women and men.

For proper exfoliation, proceed with cleaning the area with a mild soap and rinse off. Then, use a sponge, rough washcloth, or loofah glove and gently apply the exfoliating cream or gel to your skin, moving in circular motions. Rinse off again and apply a natural body oil or moisturizer.

After your service, your Technician will apply our proprietary Repair liquid to soothe and calm your skin. It is a good idea to purchase your take-home aftercare products so you can keep things looking great and help prevent ingrowns.

Wear comfortable cotton underwear to avoid further irritation.

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The key to seeing progress in waxing is being punctual with your appointments. Our rigorous sanitation, crisp and clean environment, proprietary wax products, and deep expertise are a testament to how much we care about your skin’s health! Come see us at one of our locations today!