The Care Tips Waxing Places Wish You Knew

Waxing is a great self care activity to keep your skin happy and healthy. Once you have made the decision to get waxed, there are a few care tips that all waxing places want you to know.

Don’t Shave

Do not shave before you visit any of the waxing places available to you. It is best if your hair is at least a quarter-inch long to allow the wax to grip the hair. There really is no such thing as having too much hair. A wax specialist would prefer you have more hair than not enough. When you have longer hair, it makes the waxing process easier and more comfortable.

Avoid Alcohol

Avoid alcohol before your appointment. While a small glass of wine may help calm your nerves, having too much to drink is not advisable. Alcohol thins your blood and makes your skin more sensitive to the wax. Stay hydrated before your waxing appointment and avoid alcohol as best as you can.

Timing Is Important

The timing of your wax is critical in many ways. If you have a big event, you want to wax a few days prior to it. You also want to avoid the sun for about 48 hours after visiting waxing places. It is an already sensitive area of your body, and waxing makes skin more susceptible to the sun’s UV rays. Additionally, you shouldn’t visit a waxing studio within five days of your menstrual cycle, during it, or directly after. Your skin can be even more sensitive at these times.

You do not want to get waxed directly after working out or sweating heavily. You want to be fresh and clean when getting waxed. This is more pleasant for the technician; plus, clean and dry skin allows the wax to adhere better.

Wear Loose Clothing

Comfort is key when attending your waxing appointment. You want to wear clothes that fit loosely and comfortably. You should avoid anything that is tight-fitting to prevent skin irritation. Instead, lean towards breathable fabrics that give your skin plenty of room.

Before you visit any waxing center in your area, it’s important to keep these care tips in mind. Talk with a professional about the best ways you can prepare your skin for a waxing appointment and take care of your skin post-waxing. Contact us today to learn more!