3 Reasons to Use Hard Wax Instead of Soft Wax

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Before you invest in waxing services, it pays to know what type of wax is being used. At Brazils Waxing Center we use hard wax for a number of reasons. Curious to know more? Here are just a few reasons why we use hard wax for our services.

Hard Wax Is Versatile

Your waxing needs are going to vary depending on where you have unwanted hair. This is where the versatility of hard wax comes into play. Hard wax forms to any part of the body and is excellent for waxing sensitive skin. Since we want to treat all skin as sensitive skin, hard wax becomes the best option for all of your hair removal needs. Hard wax is effective across all kinds of skin types and is perfect for full-body usage without irritating your skin.

Creating a More Comfortable Experience

While hard wax is applied warm, it’s never as hot as soft wax. Hard wax is also quick-drying, which allows it to adhere to the hair you want to be removed without damaging the surrounding skin. In contrast, soft strip wax can damage the skin and even cause hair breakage instead of removing each hair at its root. This is where a lot of waxing discomfort comes from. Fortunately, hard wax doesn’t damage the skin or cause hair breakage. When wax adheres to hair and not to skin, you’re guaranteed a smoother result and a much more comfortable waxing experience.

Better Hair Removal Results

You may think that people settle for the discomfort and skin irritation that comes with soft strip waxing because it is more effective. However, hard wax is consistently more effective than strip wax. Think about why people tend to get waxes instead of shaving. For many people, the fact that shaving leads to hair growing back quickly turns them away from razors and towards wax. However, strip waxing often leads to breaks in the hair shaft when strips are pulled. This means that hair will grow back more quickly with strip wax in the same way as it would after shaving. It’s all about properly pulling the hair from its roots. Don’t forget that it may take multiple sessions with soft wax to properly remove the hair root. With all of these facts available, why wouldn’t you go for the most effective wax? Don’t settle for a wax that will take longer to properly remove your unwanted hair.

At Brazils Waxing Center, we use custom-made hard wax because our clients deserve the best waxing experience possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bikini wax or an eyebrow wax — when you come to our team for waxing services, you’ll get the most effective and comfortable wax we can provide.