9 of the Most Awkward Waxing Questions Answered

Have you always wanted to get waxed, but that one awkward question that you’re too scared to ask stops you every time? Well, don’t worry we’re here to answer all of those questions before they become awkward.

Don’t see your question here? Use the chat function on our website and ask away. Don’t worry we can’t see your face, and believe me when I say that we’ve heard it all. We are 100% judgement-free here!

Do I have too much hair?

We get asked a lot. There are plenty of women and men out there that have a large amount of hair, and they worry that we will either not be able to get it all or it will not have that silky smooth finish. Our answer to this is — bring it on! We have yet to see an amount of hair that we cannot handle. If this is an ongoing concern of yours then regular waxing can even reduce the amount of hair by damaging the hair follicles. Some of our recommended services are the Brazilian Plus (the Brazilian Plus inner thighs) or the Brazilian Plus Plus (the Brazilian Plus inner thighs and belly strip). 

Can I have sex after my wax?

We recommend waiting 24-48 hours after getting a Brazilian or Brazilman to have sex. This allows for some of the swelling to go down and the pores to close. After that you’ll be good to go.

What if I’m on my period?

You can get waxed if you are on your period as long as you’re wearing a tampon.

Do I have to get a butt strip done?

Some men and women feel that the butt strip is just that one step too far. If this is how you feel then we recommend the Brazilian Mini. It’s your regular Brazilian minus the butt strip. Or if your only problem is the butt strip then we can wax the butt strip and leave the rest.

What does a BrazilMan entail?

A BrazilMan is like a Brazilian, but for a male! We will remove all of the hair in your genital area and the butt strip. 

What if I smell? I didn’t have time to shower.

We provide you with a sanity wipe before every service. So, you won’t have to worry about errand odors. But if this question really concerns you, try showering before your appointment, and avoid any foods with strong odors the night before like garlic or fish. The smell will not concern your technician, but this is your me-time so do whatever it takes to feel comfortable.

What if I have an STD?

If you have or suspect you have a confirmed STD consult a doctor. We use medical grade equipment, don’t double dip, and are complete clean freaks, but there are some conditions that we cannot treat for the health of you and our clients. So, short answer — consult a doctor.

Can you take care of bigger women?

This is actually somewhat of a taboo subject as you’ll be shocked to know that there are other waxing companies that turn away women over 250lbs. We don’t and we don’t charge you extra like some others do. We pride ourselves in being body positive. We use specifically designed chairs to service all body types including individuals over 250lbs, handicapped, and who are pregnant.

Am I just going to be naked in the room?

No, not completely. If you are getting waxed below the waist then you will be naked from the waist down, but we have drapes that you are able to cover up with.

Hopefully this answered some of your most embarrassing questions. Remember to contact us if you have any more and don’t forget to Book Now!

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