5 Common Misconceptions about Brazilians

Many myths are floating around that may be deterring you from getting waxed. We want to tell you the truths about waxing to help you make that decision to come to see us.

MYTH: Brazilians are just for the ladies.

TRUTH: False! Lots of men get Brazilians too.

Brazils Waxing Center offers a BrazilMan which takes care of all of the hair in the pubic region including the butt strip. We see plenty of men who want to take care of unwanted hair. So, don’t be shy, we’re waiting for you!

MYTH: It will make you scream.

TRUTH: Our hard wax is virtually discomfort-free.

Most people have received at least one soft wax treatment in their lives, whether it’s a Brazilian or an eyebrow wax from a nail salon. We think this is where the misconception comes from that a Brazilian wax is going to be extremely uncomfortable. That’s not true at Brazils. Our wax is specifically designed with comfort in mind. The 100% vegan wax is heated to just the right temperature, then is removed using our expert technique to reduce the sting. It removes all of the hair and doesn’t leave any sticky residue.

MYTH: It will hurt less if you shave in between appointments.

TRUTH: Shaving disrupts the hair growth cycle and can ruin the results of your wax.

Shaving between appointments is one of the worst things that you can do. If the hair is too long with can trim it, but shaving will not reduce the pain. Shaving makes it harder to remove all of the hair, which means we may have to lay more strips, and as a result will make it more uncomfortable.

MYTH: The hair will grow back thicker.

TRUTH: Waxing stops the hair from growing back.

Waxing damages the hair follicle and over time the hair will become less dense. After your third visit, you will start to find that the hair is a lot less dense, and your wax will become less painful. You will start to get the best results after the third wax, which is why it’s important to wax regularly.

MYTH: Waxing causes wrinkles.

TRUTH: Our wax is designed to be gentle on the skin.

There is a myth that waxing pulls on the skin and causes sagging and wrinkles. This isn’t true. Our wax contains ingredients that nourish the skin and doesn’t pull. It was designed to hold onto the hair and not the skin. We also use aftercare products to repair the skin and reduce redness. We have a moisturizer that is perfect for treating the skin for dryness if this is a concern of yours.

Now you know the myths versus the truths, what’s stopping you from getting waxed. Book now!

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