How to Maintain Your Wax At Home


Since being closed, we’ve encountered one main question – how do I maintain my wax while Brazils is closed. What you do in this time will affect the results of your next wax, so follow these very simple rules to maintain your current wax and prepare for the next one.

Don’t Shave

The number one rule while waiting for us to reopen is don’t shave. No matter how good the razor, shaving never produces the kind of results you can get from a wax. Shaving crops the hair at different lengths and causes inconsistent hair growth. This means that the hair grows back at varying times and will come in at varying lengths. When it comes time for your next wax, the tech may have trouble getting all the hair, due to the inconsistency in lengths. For a silky, smooth post-quarantine wax, don’t shave.


As the hair grows back, try trimming as a way to manage the hair growth. Trimming will keep the hair short but will not affect your next wax. Try using small scissors like eyebrow or nail scissors. For your own safety, do not try to cut the hair with large scissors. Do not cut the hair too close, just trim it down to a manageable length.

Let the Hair Grow

Now may be the time to let the hair grow. I know that’s strange advice from a waxing center, but really the best thing to do is let the hair grow out. If there was ever a time to try this, that time is now.

Don’t Try Waxing from Home

It may be tempting to pick up a home waxing kit and try it yourself. For health and safety reasons we don’t recommend using home waxing kits. They can cause burns, skin irritation, and inconsistent results. Home waxing kits can also cause extreme discomfort during the waxing process. Our experts and processes are well honed to provide excellent results that can’t be replicated at home.

We are desperate to get back to waxing, and we know that you are too. But while you are home, make wise choices and if you ever need advice don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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