Why Men Should Wax

Man doing a handstand

Waxing is just for the ladies right? Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Plenty of men get waxed every month. From full faces to backs, chests, and even male Brazilians. Ouch…a male Brazilian? There’s no way! But why? Lots of women get one every month, and if they can handle the pain; I’m sure you can too.

These are some of the many reasons both aesthetically and hygienically, why men should get waxed.

Look Sleek, Smooth, and More Toned

There’s a reason fitness models wax. It’s to show off their physique without the obstruction of pesky body hair. Body hair can detract from your muscle definition, and even if you’re not a bodybuilder, a large amount of unwanted hair can make you look a little heavier than you actually are. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if you’re hoping to look a little slimmer and sleeker start with a wax.

No More Morning Shaves

There’s nothing more annoying than getting up late for work and having to shave. You’re not ready to sport that Paul Bunyan beard but the daily shave is getting you down. A full-face wax including sideburns can stop the growth for a full month which means no more nicks, bumps, in-growns, and time-wasting. Skip the shave and enjoy your morning coffee instead.

Goodbye 5 O’Clock Shadow   

Plenty of men get that discoloration around 5 o’clock. You shave before work and then it pops up right before happy hour rolls around. That shadow is actually the hair starting to regrow and push through the skin. Waxing takes the hair out from the root, therefore goodbye 5 o’clock shadow.

Give the Gift of a Brazilian

Give your significant other the gift of a Brazilian. In case you didn’t know a Brazilian is where we wax all of your hair “down there”. Yes! And I mean all, even the butt strip. There’s nothing sexier than a Brazilian wax.  Your own silky, smooth skin, and if you’re feeling especially giving, buy your loved one a wax too. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

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