5 Reasons to Get Waxed While Pregnant

Waxing while pregnant seems kind of crazy, right? Your body is already going through major changes, the last thing you want to think about is unwanted body hair. But would it surprise you if we told you that waxing is actually recommended while pregnant? Insane, I know!! There are many reasons to get waxed while pregnant, but here are five:

Shaving can be daunting.

If shaving is your go-to for hair removal, it may become quite a difficult task to keep up as your bump starts growing. There comes a point where you can’t see where you’re shaving! That can come with many risks, such as accidental cuts and razor bumps. None of that is any fun when you’re pregnant. Getting waxed while pregnant will allow a professional to safely remove your hair for you with no risk of accidental cuts or razor bumps!  

Pregnancy hormones = more hair growth.

 Pregnancy hormones… they make you want to puke every five seconds, crave random foods, and cry at cute puppies. One more aspect of your body that those hormones affect is your hair growth. When you’re pregnant your hair will start to grow thicker and quicker. Yikes!! Luckily, waxing will continuously damage the hair follicles making the hair grow back thinner and more slowly. Yay! 

Good hygiene matters! 

Good hygiene matters. Always. But when you’re pregnant, it matters even more. Waxing is more sanitary than other hair removal methods. At Brazils, everything we use is medical grade. We never ever double dip our sticks. That is a huge no-no for us! A safe and sanitary hair removal method is vital during your pregnancy. 

Self-care is important.

It’s easy to feel real… bleh during pregnancy. Those hormones we were talking about earlier? They can take a toll on your mental health. That’s why it is important to do things that make you feel good about yourself! You know that amazing feeling when you are freshly waxed (or shaved) and you feel so much lighter and just overall GOOD? That is a feeling you should prioritize during your pregnancy. Having healthy mental health is extremely important.

Doctor recommended

It is always recommended to check with your doctor before getting a wax. In the words of Dr. Schlessinger, “When you go to a reputable spa, you know the process will be done correctly, and you’ll get the best results.” He isn’t wrong, ladies. Being waxed by a professional is always the way to go. Estheticians go through an extensive amount of training to wax, so you are assured to get the best service. Doctors will recommend waxing since an esthetician will be able to handle your more sensitive and hard-to-reach areas in a professional manner that will cater to your skin’s needs.

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