6 Biggest Waxing Fears

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At Brazils Waxing Center, we have helped many people conquer their fears and get their first professional wax. More often than not, these people end up becoming regulars because they can’t believe how they missed out on the many benefits of waxing until now! Whether you have heard a horror story from your friend who… read more

Hard Wax: Is It Really Better?

At our waxing salon, we use a special hard wax for our waxing services. Even though soft wax is the more common option, we believe that using hard wax is better for the quality of our waxing services and the happiness of our clients. So why do we feel so strongly about hard wax? Read… read more

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Wax

Nowadays, you can walk into any drugstore and buy a waxing kit, so why wouldn’t you just wax yourself? After all, what could a professional wax studio offer that would be worth the price difference? Actually, there is an enormous difference between the wax you get at Brazils Waxing Center and a wax you do… read more

Why Do I Need Regular Waxes?

You come into Brazils Waxing Center for your first appointment, and are blown away by how much more effective waxing is than shaving. Your skin is smooth and hairless, and you are looking forward to a few weeks of not picking up a razor. However, maybe you’re just not sure what your schedule will be… read more