Hard Wax: Is It Really Better?

At our waxing salon, we use a special hard wax for our waxing services. Even though soft wax is the more common option, we believe that using hard wax is better for the quality of our waxing services and the happiness of our clients. So why do we feel so strongly about hard wax? Read on for some of the benefits of using hard wax over soft wax.

Less irritation and pain

Using soft wax involves the traditional strip wax method, which involves applying the wax with a spatula and then adhering a strip to it to rip the hair out. This method is extremely painful, as the soft wax not only attaches itself to the hair, but the skin, inevitably ripping off some skin with it. In contrast, hard wax adheres to the hair, so the only thing that is removed is hair. Additionally, the temperature of hard wax is warm, but not hot, which causes significantly less irritation than hot wax, particularly for those with sensitive skin. As professional waxers, we have also seen that strip waxing is more likely to cause redness, irritation, inflammation, and ingrown hairs than our method of using hard wax.

More effective and efficient

Hard wax is simply more effective than soft wax. As stated above, hard wax adheres only to the hair, ripping it off in one go and reducing the need to wax the same area twice. Additionally, because it attaches only to the hair, it is more efficient at removing shorter hairs. Hard wax is the way to go when it comes to anywhere on the body that grows short, coarse, difficult hairs because it is so much more effective than soft wax.

Easier clean up

Soft wax is extremely sticky, which leaves a residue on the skin. With hard wax, there is no residue left behind, so you don’t have to worry about that icky post-strip-wax feeling on your skin. Cleaning up after a hard wax is much simpler.

Less waste

When a salon uses soft wax, there need to use muslin or pellon strips to remove the wax. Therefore, these wax studios generate a lot more waste than we do. As a result, hard wax is a more environmentally friendly choice for waxing.

So… why do people ever use soft wax?

With all the advantages listed above, you may wonder why people even use soft wax, particularly in waxing salons. The one advantage that soft wax offers in general is that it is less expensive, which is why it is the preferred method of most lower end waxing salons. Additionally, soft wax is easier to use, so people often prefer it for larger areas of skin because it takes less time. However, at Brazils Waxing Center, we believe that waxing should be done right, which is why we will invest the extra money and time required for using hard wax.

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