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Wax While Pregnant? Yes You Can!

pregnant woman relaxation after exercising

  There is often a misconception that waxing while pregnant is to be avoided, but according to our team of experts, waxing while pregnant is both safe and doable! At Brazils Waxing Center, we Appreciate Every Body® and this definitely includes our mommies to be! No matter if you are in your first, second or… read more

Waxing When You Have Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you’re probably used to having to pick different products. You may know that you need different face wash, laundry detergent, lotion, and shampoo than your friends. You may even believe that your sensitive skin prevents you from doing certain things, including waxing. Good news: you can ditch the razor and… read more

How to Choose a Hygienic Waxing Salon

When your waxing service isn’t performed in a hygienic waxing salon, it could cause you injury, and if they have not sterilized their equipment, bacteria could get inside your wound, which may lead to you contracting an infection. At Brazils Waxing Center, we are proud of the fact that we are absolute clean freaks. We… read more

The Difference Between Waxing and Laser Hair Removal

These days, there are many options out there for hair removal. As a waxing center, we clearly have an opinion about the best method, but not everyone shares our opinion. By now, you are probably aware of the many ways waxing is superior to shaving. In short, the results of waxing last longer than shaving,… read more

Don’t Wait; Exfoliate!

When you’re getting ready to come into our wax center, whether you need a Brazilian wax, leg wax, or arm wax, it’s important to set yourself up for success by exfoliating. Exfoliation sloughs off dead skin cells, allowing the hair to become more prominent so we can fully remove it with our waxing services and… read more


My Waxing History When I was 13, my mother begged me not to shave. “It’ll make your legs prickly; here, feel mine,” she said as she rubbed my hand over her cactus of a leg. My alternative was Nair. However, I was allergic to just about everything Nair was made of except the bottle, so… read more

6 Waxing Benefits for Men

It is becoming more and more common for men to get waxed at our waxing center, and it isn’t hard to understand why this is a growing trend. For many years, women have benefited from the bare beauty of waxing, and men have been pressured to keep their body hair because it is more traditionally… read more