Wax While Pregnant? Yes You Can!


pregnant woman relaxation after exercisingThere is often a misconception that waxing while pregnant is to be avoided, but according to our team of experts, waxing while pregnant is both safe and doable! At Brazils Waxing Center, we Appreciate Every Body® and this definitely includes our mommies to be! No matter if you are in your first, second or third trimester, waxing services are available to you as long you are comfortable. Here are a few things to remember about waxing while pregnant:

Before Service

While pregnant, your body is producing extra blood and fluids to support your growing baby. As a result, your skin may be more sensitive than usual causing a bit more discomfort.  In order to keep you comfortable and prepare for your service, here are some things you can do:


48 hours prior to your wax, exfoliate the skin to ensure dead skin cells are removed and all hair breaks through the skin. If you are already using our Elate Prevent, then you would already be prepping the skin with chemical exfoliation.

Indulge in a warm/hot shower the morning of your wax

A warm or hot shower can help relax your skin and open up your pores. When the pores are open the hairs are more exposed allowing for an easier and less uncomfortable service.

Take a Pain Reliever

Take a pain reliever like Tylenol 30-45 minutes before your appointment as needed per your doctor. Avoid taking aspirin as this will increase blood flow. This will reduce the amount of discomfort associated with the service.

During Service

Body Positioning

Based on how far along your pregnancy is, we at Brazils Waxing Center are more than happy to accommodate you by making slight modifications to the body positions associated with the service. Essentially, we would have you lounge back slightly, while keeping your heart higher than the baby. Our customized chairs allow us to drop the foot rest and move closer to you for easier access if needed. If during any point of the service,you feel any discomfort, we will move you from the reclined position and to one of our 3 adjustment types. In the first modification, we would keep one of your legs in the butterfly formation while the other leg hangs off the side of the table. We would finish one side of the wax then switch legs to do the other side. In the second adjustment we would have you hang both legs off the sides of the table and stretch the skin accordingly. In the third adjustment we would have you relax your legs onto our legs at the end of the table to give a little more support.


Post Waxing Recommendations

In the first 48 hours after your wax, we recommend that you:

Use a cleanser that doesn’t have too many moisturizing agents and truly deep cleans the skin. If you are using our African Black Soap Cleanse, then you are already getting a true deep clean in the area. Our Cleanse draws impurities from your skin and open up pores.

Use a soothing serum that both calms and rejuvenates the skin. If you are already using our willow bark extract Repair, you are already promoting healthy cell growth and nourishment to your skin.

48 hours after your waxing service, you can start exfoliating every 2-3 days. Our glycolic acid Prevent helps to remove the dead skin cells in the area and reduce or prevent ingrown hairs.

This helps to aid in the minimal discomfort with future waxes during your pregnancy.

When you choose to wax while pregnant, you can enjoy the benefit of precise hair removal that provides three to five weeks of smooth skin. Our waxing experts are trained to help you feel comfortable during each and every service. Don’t wait. Book today!