4 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Waxing Place

waxing placesGetting a Brazilian waxing, or any bare skin waxing, is an extremely personal experience. Having a stranger wax your bikini area can be quite intimidating, especially if it’s your first time getting a Brazilian. Top body waxing professionals go out of their way to make the waxing experience comfortable for you. When looking for the best waxing places near you, you should consider the following factors.

1. Professionals at the Best Waxing Centers Should Be Extra Hygienic

Waxing centers must maintain the highest levels of personal hygiene. Right from the moment you set foot in a waxing center, you should be impressed by the facility’s overall sanitary conditions. A waxing center is one place that must be squeaky-clean all day long. This means using medical-grade disposable sheets so that every client has a new and clean pair during their waxing. Your ideal body waxing salon should also sanitize their beds and sterilize any instruments used in the hair removal process with a medical-grade autoclave. Thorough sterilization eliminates any chance of infection by ensuring that the waxing session effectively gets rid of the hair root. When done incorrectly, even a minor skin infection may cause a lot of itchiness and, at its worst, spread to the entire bikini area. To avoid unwanted mixups, make sure you’re partnering with a waxing center that you trust!

The best waxing places also use disposable blankets (medical drapes) for each waxing session. Waxing professionals must use a new pair of gloves while waxing each client and dispose of waxing sticks after each session. If the professionals at a waxing place in Jacksonville, Florida, or anywhere else, seem obsessed with cleanliness, it’s because they should be.

2. The Best Waxing Places Have Gentle, Experienced, and Caring Staff

Even in your hands, razors are the least gentle way to remove unwanted hair. Small shaving nicks and cuts will leave you bleeding! Post-shave irritation is not a blissful experience. Most women and men prefer body waxing because of the pampered experience during waxing and the painless after-waxing feeling. However, even a Brazilian waxing in the hands of a less experienced professional will become itchy and uncomfortable, just like shaving with a traditional razor. That’s why the best waxing places employ only the most seasoned estheticians who are highly competent. In the hands of a gentle and caring waxing expert, you’ll enjoy a pain-free Brazilian, and you’ll be longing to get your next bikini wax. Professionals suggest having a second bikini wax two weeks after your first one when your hair is at least a quarter inch in length.

3. Online Reviews from Previous Clients

Look into what previous clients have to say about the quality of the Brazilian waxing services from each waxing center. If you find many negative reviews, you can bet that you’ll also find the services to be unsatisfactory. However, given the private nature of the body waxing business, you may be better off asking for referrals from your friends who have already had Brazilian hair removal.

4. Proper Licensure and Certification

In some states, estheticians must have a state license to offer body waxing services. It may take an esthetician more than 10,000 hours of training to become a licensed bikini waxing professional. This means that even the new body waxing places have well-versed estheticians given the intense training they must undergo. That’s why you should check to ensure that your waxing place has all the proper licenses. When a waxing place has the required licensure, you’ll have confidence that you’re getting your Brazilian from a trained and well-qualified esthetician.

For your first Brazilian, it may feel a little bit awkward having someone wax your bikini area. And it’s completely normal, given the private nature of bikini waxing. Nonetheless, choosing top waxing places with experienced and qualified estheticians will give you more peace of mind and make your body waxing experience more comfortable. The best waxing places are extra-clean and employ gentle and caring staff, who work hard to give you the best bikini waxing experience.