Brazilian Wax

What Is the Difference Between a Bikini Wax and a Brazilian Wax?

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With the arrival of warmer weather, residents across the Tampa area are getting prepared for bikini season. Many may be getting more serious about their unwanted hair, and you might have heard friends talking about getting their bikini area waxed. While the terms “bikini wax” and “Brazilian wax” may be used interchangeably, they are actually… read more

Popular Waxing Hair Removal Services

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At Brazils Waxing Center in Statesboro, we are confident that you will ditch your old hair removal routine once you experience the silky smooth skin that comes with our waxing services. We use a unique hard wax that is specially formulated to effectively remove even the most stubborn hairs while remaining gentle enough for sensitive… read more

10 Ways To Prep For Your Best Wax Yet

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As qualified “waxaholics”, we regularly get questions from new clients and avid waxers alike. Our most frequent questions are usually centered around what to do to prepare for the various services. At Brazils Waxing Center, we recommend that before any waxing service, you take the time to prep to ensure you have the best overall… read more

Get Ready for Summer with Body Waxing!

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As swimsuit season gets closer and closer, many Statesboro residents begin to think about what they can do to look their best at the pool. Some will work out, and others may consider beauty treatments like sunless tanning and waxing services. At Brazils Waxing Center, we offer industry-leading body waxing services that are sure to… read more

Don’t Believe These 3 Myths About Brazilian Waxing

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The weather is warming up in eastern Georgia, and before you know it, many of us will be headed to the shore or the pool to cool down. If you spend a lot of time near water, you may be curious about whether or not you could benefit from a Brazilian wax treatment. This popular… read more

Which Brazilian Wax is Right for You?

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Whether you are preparing for your first Brazilian wax or you are looking to change up your normal routine, Brazils Waxing Center in Jacksonville has your Brazilian hair removal needs covered. We offer several types of Brazilian waxes to suit your individual preferences. If you have questions about each type, our waxing specialists are happy… read more

The History of Hair Removal

It may surprise you to learn that hair removal has been popular in one form or another for centuries. While these days, removing unwanted hair is as easy as booking an appointment with our waxing studio online, but for centuries women and men had to rely on some creative methods for removing the hair they… read more

Why Waxing Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

Now that it’s 2017, it’s time to buckle down and decide on your new year’s resolutions. Many people resolve to lose weight, save money, or other committing other habits that improve their lives. One resolution that could be quite beneficial to you would be scheduling regular professional waxes at Brazils Waxing Center! The benefits of… read more

The Best Way to Remove Facial Hair

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If you are a woman with unwanted facial hair, you know how frustrating, embarrassing, and annoying this problem can be. Once you notice the hair on your upper lip, cheeks, or chin, you can’t think of anything else when you look in a mirror. If you are self-conscious about your facial hair, there is good… read more

Preventing and Treating Ingrown Hairs

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At Brazils Waxing Center in Florida, we are aware that one of the most annoying parts of hair removal is the risk of ingrown hairs developing. Many of our new clients come to us for our waxing services because they are fed up with the ingrown hairs that develop from shaving, and want to try… read more