Waxing vs. Laser Hair Removal: Is Laser Really Worth Your Time and Money?


Laser hair removal has been praised as a revolutionary practice in the beauty world, and it might be intriguing to try it out to see what all the hype is about. However, what most laser treatment spas won’t tell you is that laser hair removal is not a permanent solution to halting hair growth. In addition to that, results vary depending on skin type, hair type, hair growth cycle, and even genetics. Compared to waxing, it’s way more expensive and time-consuming, but the most discouraging factor is that it’s not designed for everyone!


On the other hand, waxing is cost-effective, and it actually works for ALL hair and skin types. Laser hair reduction can cost up to $600 for treating a single area, while waxing will usually not exceed $300 for a head-to-toe session! Whether you have dark, blonde, red, or white hair, waxing performed by a licensed aesthetician can give you smooth skin that lasts for weeks. Additionally, regular waxing sessions will weaken the hair follicles and inhibit hair growth. Laser on darker skin tones and lighter hair does not guarantee the same results.


If you’re starting to feel doubtful about the allegedly miraculous effects of laser hair removal, we’d advise you to keep reading! We’re about to debunk common myths and misconceptions and prove that laser hair removal is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Furthermore, we will back up our claims with knowledge from licensed practitioners. 


Waxing or Laser Hair Removal? Solving the Hair Removal Mystery


Not convinced that waxing is still superior to laser hair removal? Are you sure that you’re ready to make a pricey commitment to laser hair removal when waxing doesn’t favor certain hair types, textures, and skin tones over others? Below, we will assess the key benefits of waxing and compare them to the overestimated value of laser hair removal. 


Myth 1: Laser Hair Removal Costs Less Than Waxing 


While costs vary depending on the area treated area, location, and technician experience, waxing is way more affordable than laser hair removal. An average waxing session targeting a small area like armpits, eyebrows, or bikini can cost anywhere from $15 to $40, while a leg, back, or Brazilian wax usually costs between $40 and $80. On the other side, you’ll need to invest an exorbitant amount of money for laser hair removal, even for the tiniest area! A single bikini treatment can cost you up to $350, while facial treatments can be as high as $250. As for larger areas, the costs are simply outrageous. A full leg treatment can cost up to $600!


Many laser hair removal supporters argue that six treatments are enough to completely destroy all hair growth. However, this claim is erroneous because laser is simply more effective on darker and coarser hair types. People with lighter and thinner hair will require many more treatments to experience the desired results. Our wax specialist, Sarah Williams, had to say the following on laser hair removal based on her experience: “Although laser hair removal effectively delays hair growth for long periods, it usually doesn’t result in permanent hair removal. In fact, multiple laser hair removal treatments are needed, and maintenance treatments might be needed as well. When it comes to laser hair removal there are a lot of conditions that may rule you out as a favorable candidate for the procedure.”

waxing vs. laser cost

Moreover, results can vary greatly depending on the practitioner performing the treatment. If you turn to an inexperienced practitioner without the proper laser hair removal credentials and knowledge, you won’t see the expected results. Without a doubt, if your laser treatment is in the wrong hands, you will probably keep paying steep out-of-pocket money and risk severe skin damage. Plus, your insurance won’t cover laser hair removal unless it’s a medically necessary procedure.


At Brazils Waxing Center, we’ve cultivated a clean and inviting environment where our licensed aestheticians are committed to our client’s safety, comfort, personal needs, and hair removal goals. We appreciate every body, skin tone, and hair type and use our proprietary hard wax and naturally-derived skin care products to ensure the best results. According to Sarah, “Brazils waxing center is a medical-grade facility that formulates their very own skin-care products and hard wax. Every ingredient is exclusive in giving back to the skin as well as promoting skin cell regrowth. I suggest starting there when you’re researching a waxing center.”


Unlike laser hair removal, our hard wax works wonders on everybody at a far more affordable price. We also offer a generous waxing membership program to accommodate your budget and fulfill all your hair removal dreams! We know that laser hair removal prices are at a premium, and not everyone has the luxury to invest so much money!


Myth 2: Laser Hair Removal Is a Permanent Solution


Many people opt for laser hair removal without consulting a medical professional and most preferably a dermatologist. Did you know that laser heavily relies on hair pigmentation? The laser gun targets the hair follicles by emitting energy, which converts into heat that completely destroys the root. However, the contrast between the skin tone and the hair is crucial to effectively pinpointing the root. Light hair is not as pigmented to absorb the laser, and thus, it’s not a permanent solution for people without dark hair. 


The same applies to people with dark skin and light hair. Sarah expressed that “laser hair removal has absolutely no effect on light hairs that are blonde, red, grey or white in color. These hairs just don’t contain enough pigment for the laser to absorb. Usually, when discussing the subject of hair type, color, and skin tone with a specialist, the information can be very vague. Many aestheticians encourage clients to still proceed with the process of laser, resulting in unfavorable results, damage to the skin, and even pigmentation issues.”

hair removal methodsMoreover, if thin hair is caused by a hormonal imbalance, then laser hair removal can even have the opposite effect, leading to accelerated hair growth. Due to family history, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (POS), irregular menstruation, or even menopause, many people have fair hair. Such genetic or hormonal issues can be detrimental to your hair removal goals, especially if laser’s on the table. You won’t have to worry about your hair type or any other health-related issues interfering with your hair removal goals with waxing. 


Laser hair removal is also strictly prohibited for pregnant women, while waxing can be done easily and effectively. No recent data merits laser hair removal as a safe procedure for pregnant women. Doctors also advise against such hair removal procedures as there can be increased risk to the fetus. If you’re pregnant and you’re experiencing excess hair growth in the stomach, breast area, or face, then laser is just out of the question. However, with waxing, pregnant women have unlimited access to a vast arsenal of services at any phase of their pregnancy journey!


Quite frankly, even if laser hair removal is the most innovative technique out there, it’s not the perfect solution for everyone. People with many tattoos are also not ideal candidates and eyebrow hair removal is restricted due to the high risk of eye injury. Waxing is accessible to all skin types and hairs and can be performed with extra safety and caution on pregnant women and people with health-related issues. If cutting-edge hair removal methods are designed to be selective, then science in this field is simply failing to account for all human needs. Waxing might be more traditional, but it’s been used for centuries and is still considered one of the best hair removal methods for the masses. 


Myth 3: There Are no Side Effects With Laser Hair Removal


Ingrown hairs, scars, redness, bumps, etc… We’ve heard many stories denouncing waxing and shaving as the primary culprits. But is laser hair removal simply exonerated from this game? The simple answer is no! The most palpable case in point is when laser hair removal is performed by an inexperienced “professional.” Licensing requirements and regulations for laser hair removal vary by state, and many studios simply don’t abide by all the rules. Also, don’t assume that a licensed laser professional will execute the treatment flawlessly. Such practitioners must have sufficient knowledge about different skin and hair types, the hair growth cycle, and potential side effects. Many spas allow nonmedical personnel to perform treatments, and this has led to many lawsuits from people who have experienced serious burns and scars. 


Knowing how to operate laser settings for each skin type is also very important. Untrained personnel can severy damage your skin if the laser gun is set to a higher voltage rate. You could experience blistering, skin crusting, or irreparable scars that can last for a long time and crush your confidence level. Also, keep in mind that the laser gun will target your skin at an overlapping pattern, which can be extremely painful if the wrong temperature is applied. Likewise, setting your laser to a lower level than what’s required for your skin can impact the expected results and leave uneven parts. 


A fairly common side effect of laser hair removal is hyperpigmentation, causing dark spots to form on the skin’s surface if the laser is not configured properly. Hyperpigmentation is caused by the overproduction of melanin by melanocytes and various hormones can further stimulate the growth of dark spots. People with melanin-rich skin require special attention. Additionally, many people are extremely sensitive to higher temperatures, which is alone a discouraging factor to choosing laser hair removal treatment. 


Laser hair removal is simply not compatible with certain skin types and reckless decisions can lead to irreversible skin damage. With waxing, you won’t have to worry about any of these side effects as long as proper sanitation, safety, and expertise are the number one priority. When performed correctly, waxing acts as a natural exfoliator and can even prevent the growth of ingrown hairs and support healthy cell turnover. Sarah weighed in on this subject and told us that “the process of body waxing is less abrasive to the skin than laser hair removal. The wax is applied with the direction of hair growth and removed in a swift manner. This abruptly disconnects the hair from the root, leaving a smooth appearance. There is a smaller chance of damaging the skin or having any burns, pigmentation issues, tenderness or discomfort after a waxing service. Usually, any discomfort from a wax goes away within a few minutes after the treatment.”


Myth 4: Laser Hair Removal Doesn’t Hurt at All


If you’ve ever felt the pain of a rubber band snapping your skin, then that’s what laser hair removal feels like but at a more intense level. As pain tolerance among people differs, the repetitive targeting of one area with the laser gun could be excruciatingly agonizing, irritating and annoying. Moreover, you should know that not all laser clinics and spas use numbing creams to alleviate the pain. 


The pain is less intense with wax, and hard wax causes the least possible discomfort. The wax is applied warm on the skin and pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth. Hard wax adheres to the hair and not the skin, minimizing any unpleasant feelings associated with soft wax. Sarah said that “the process of waxing is completely bearable. Most individuals describe it as a quick 5-10 second sting, which is done within seconds. Also by destroying the hair root, the hair itself does not grow back. So if the hair is not there and it’s weak or damaged in any way, the sting from the removal process will be very minimal.”

Myth 5: You Can Have Laser Sessions Any Time of the Year


Another caveat to keep in mind is that laser hair removal is not recommended during the summer months. If you’re planning on having smooth skin during your vacation, you should plan your appointments way in advance. Typically, most laser clinics suggest postponing laser treatments in the spring and resuming in the fall. This is counterintuitive and really limits your options if you experience an unexpected hair growth emergency. With waxing, you can plan your treatments at your convenience and address any unwanted hair growth swiftly. You also need to account for your hair growth phase, and the only person who can assess that is a dermatologist. Laser hair removal treatments can only target hair follicles that are in the growing stage, called the “Anagen” and skipping treatments is not advisable. With waxing, even though regular sessions every four weeks are recommended, you have much more flexibility! Plus, various factors can affect a person’s hair growth, and if laser appointments are not spaced optimally, you could be wasting your valuable time and money. 

The Verdict: Waxing is a More Accessible and Cost-Effective Hair Removal Method

To sum up, we’ve discussed that laser hair removal is not ideal for all people, is super expensive, and sometimes dangerous for certain skin types and people with various health conditions. If the aesthetician is properly trained to pull off the wax quickly and safely, you’re in good hands with waxing. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for laser hair removal since it’s a far more complex and risky procedure. Without the right medical knowledge, the wrong person can cause irreparable damage to your skin. If this article has helped to put things into perspective then you might need to reconsider your hair removal goals and confide in the everlasting power of waxing!