3 Reasons Why Waxing is the Best Hair Removal Method

Shaving your body hair with a razor is by no means a comfortable method of hair removal. Even a careful hand cannot avoid the post-shave itchiness, nicks, and cuts that come with shaving. Have you seen the price of the best razors and razor heads? Over time, buying razor heads may burn a hole in your pocket. Why persevere through shaving pain and expensive blades when you can choose waxing services instead?

If you haven’t considered body waxing, the following benefits should convince you to drop the razor and seek waxing services for your hair removal.

1. You’ll Experience Less Hair Regrowth after Waxing

Waxing pulls the entire hair from the follicle, rather than cutting hairs on the surface like shaving and trimming. Pulling your hair by its roots ensures that your skin stays soft for longer. It takes three to four weeks on average before hair starts to grow again. With shaving, your hair may start to grow back a few days after shaving, and if your hair grows more quickly, regrowth may happen a day after shaving. This is a dilemma that body waxing solves for you. Whether you are shaving your arms, legs, chest, feet, underarms, or your bikini area, waxing is the perfect hair removal method. Your skin will stay soft for longer, and once your hair starts growing back, it will be finer and sparser.

Waxing consistently weakens your hair follicles, which slows down the rate of hair regrowth. After two or three waxes, hair growth is properly curbed. However, if you resort back to shaving, the progress is undone. That’s why you should seek waxing services from a body waxing salon near you every time you need hair removal services.

2. No Nicks, Cuts, or Uncomfortable Post-Shave Itchiness

Shaving nicks are quite the bummer and can easily turn nasty if the cuts start bleeding. Not to mention the constant urge to keep scratching your shaved skin. Body waxing eliminates shaving pain and itchiness because it pulls the hair with its roots. Top estheticians use hard wax because it is painless and not harmful to skin. Waxing eliminates the prickly sensation that you get when your hair starts to grow back. However, you should have an experienced esthetician wax you because poor waxing techniques may make the process uncomfortable. Top estheticians will offer quality waxing services, using techniques that make the waxing process painless. You’ll experience the full advantages of waxing when you seek waxing services from a seasoned esthetician.

3. Professional Estheticians Will Help You Take Better Care of Your Skin

Being professionals, estheticians are better suited to remove your body hair hygienically without causing infections. Estheticians can also reach the parts of your body that are difficult for you to reach. For instance, Brazilian waxing will get rid of all the hairs around the bikini area, which can be hard to reach when waxing by yourself. Besides the fact that estheticians have an easier reach and are trained for hair removal, they also will be able to notice any skin conditions you may have. When you’re used to shaving hair with a blade, you may notice some itchy razor bumps on your skin. With time, more razor bumps may accumulate on your skin, causing it to be coarse or infected. During waxing, the esthetician will quickly notice razor burns and advise you accordingly.

Whether you need body waxing, facial waxing, bikini wax, or Brazilian wax, you should seek waxing services at the best waxing centers. Reputable body waxing salons maintain high levels of cleanliness, which is of the utmost importance when it comes to body waxing. Waxing is more comfortable, reduces the rate of hair regrowth, and takes care of your skin. The many advantages of body waxing make it vastly superior to other hair removal methods such as shaving and trimming.