Becoming A More Confident You

At Brazils Waxing Center, we welcome everybody, because every body is beautiful. As a judgment-free wax center, many of our clients inspire us with their confidence in their bodies. However, body confidence is easier said than done. If you struggle to love your body, here are some tips for becoming a more confident you.

Identify your favorite body parts

Many people look in the mirror and can immediately identify what they hate about their bodies. One way to make yourself more confident in your body is to change this thought pattern. Instead of seeing what you hate about your body, identify what you love about it. You might hate your belly, but instead of focusing on that, look at how beautiful your eyes are, or how great your behind looks in your new jeans. Better yet, compliment yourself out loud; hearing it will reinforce your confidence.

Name your negative self-talk

When you are thinking negatively about yourself, it’s hard to turn those thought patterns around because they feel like the truth. One way you can conquer negative self-talk is by naming it. This makes it so your negative self-talk is completely different than who you are, so it is easier to move beyond those thoughts. For example, you could name your negative self-talk after a bully from middle school. When you find yourself thinking negatively about your body, you can say out loud, “Nick, you are not welcome here!”

Consider what your body does before how it looks

It is easy to focus on how your body looks, and what you don’t like about it. Instead of focusing on your appearance, think about what your body can do for you. Maybe you aren’t a fan of your legs, but instead of focusing on how they look, think about what they do for you. Your legs allow you to run, dance, walk your dog, and so much more. Shift your focus to your body’s abilities, and you will be more grateful to have it.

Show yourself the love you give

People who are the meanest to themselves are often the nicest to other people in their lives. What if you showed yourself the love you give your friends and family? Next time you find yourself beating yourself up about your appearance, think about what you would say to your best friend. If you don’t like the idea of your best friend saying it to themselves, you should not say it to yourself.

Call out body shaming

Particularly among women, it is common for friends to talk about both their own and other people’s bodies, and this talk can be very negative. This sort of conversation can negatively impact your body image, whether you are conscious of this or not. The next time you are part of a conversation that involves body shaming, speak up. You can do this in a light-hearted, joking way if you are concerned about bringing down the mood, but drawing attention to the issue will make your friends more aware of it.

Pamper yourself

As stated above, your body does amazing things for you on a daily basis, and it deserves to be celebrated. Show yourself some self-love by regularly indulging in some pampering, whatever that looks like to you. You might take a long bubble bath, dye your hair your favorite color, or buy an item of clothing that makes you feel like hot stuff. Many of our clients come to us for Brazilian waxing as a celebration of their bodies.

If you want to make Brazilian waxing part of your self-love routine, come into Brazils Waxing Center. We offer a judgment-free zone so you can feel comfortable and confidence when you come into our wax center. On top of that, we provide the least painful waxing strategy possible, as well as obsessively clean facilities. Book your next waxing appointment online today with Brazils Waxing Center.