Jacksonville’s Bikini Waxing: From Full Body to Bikini it’s Your Choice

At Brazils Waxing Center Jacksonville, the most important thing to us is making sure that you get exactly the look and feel you want when it comes to hair removal, and that you never feel judged or shamed for your preferences. So whether you have a specific style in mind for your bikini area, or you want to try a full bikini waxing treatment, you can bet that our technicians in Jacksonville can make it happen. 

The Range Beyond Full Bikini Waxing

Classic bikini waxing is a go-to treatment for many of our clients in Jacksonville, but there is a full spectrum of options to choose from when it comes to hair removal in your most intimate areas.

While bikini waxing gets rid of the thick hairs that have strayed outside of your bikini or briefs, we also offer the following:

confident girl doing beach yoga after having a full bikini waxing in Jacksonville
  • Inner Thighs – If you constantly find yourself missing spots on your thighs when you shave, or battling itchy razor bumps, let us take care of this sensitive area for you.
  • Butt Strip or Full Buttocks – If you have unwanted hair back there, we can get rid of the hair on both cheeks or just the small strip.
  • Brazilian, Brazilman, Brazilian Plus, Brazilian Mini, or Brazilian South – Brazilians are our specialty, so we offer plenty of variations. We can remove all your hair in the front as well as the butt strip (for men and women), give you a full Brazilian plus the stomach strip, or just stick to the front. We also offer Brazilians with leg waxing for uninterrupted smoothness.

In addition to all these services, Brazils Waxing Center Jacksonville also does facial waxing, arm and leg waxing, back and torso waxing, and full body hair removal, so you can tackle your most stubborn hair wherever it’s hiding. 

Learn More About Our Full Bikini Waxing Services in Jacksonville

Our clients come from all over Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Southside, San Marco, Arlington, and Baymeadows for our skilled waxing services. Whether you’re interested in our full bikini waxing service, or you’re ready to get more adventurous with a full body hair removal, call Brazils Waxing Center Jacksonville today at (904) 551-0480 to book an appointment.