Eyebrow Styles Throughout American History

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At Brazils Waxing Center, one of our most popular services is our eyebrow waxing services. You may not have put a ton of thought into it, but eyebrows have been an important part of women’s (and some men’s) beauty routines for decades. Throughout time, different eyebrow styles have come and go into vogue, depending on… read more

Getting Waxed For Vacay

Because of the holidays, many people get time off from work to spend time with family and travel. If you are headed on vacation this holiday season, it’s a great idea to prepare for your trip with waxing services from Brazils Waxing Center. Whether you are heading south to catch a tan or you are… read more

Hard Wax: Is It Really Better?

At our waxing salon, we use a special hard wax for our waxing services. Even though soft wax is the more common option, we believe that using hard wax is better for the quality of our waxing services and the happiness of our clients. So why do we feel so strongly about hard wax? Read… read more

Preventing and Treating Ingrown Hairs

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At Brazils Waxing Center in Florida, we are aware that one of the most annoying parts of hair removal is the risk of ingrown hairs developing. Many of our new clients come to us for our waxing services because they are fed up with the ingrown hairs that develop from shaving, and want to try… read more

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Wax

Nowadays, you can walk into any drugstore and buy a waxing kit, so why wouldn’t you just wax yourself? After all, what could a professional wax studio offer that would be worth the price difference? Actually, there is an enormous difference between the wax you get at Brazils Waxing Center and a wax you do… read more

8 Common Questions About Male Brazilian Waxes

More and more, we are seeing men come in for our Brazilian wax services. This makes sense because, as we cover on our Why Wax page, waxing is more hygienic, longer lasting, and more cost-effective than shaving. When men switch from shaving to waxing, they love avoiding the inevitable itchy scruff that grows in after… read more

Why Do I Need Regular Waxes?

You come into Brazils Waxing Center for your first appointment, and are blown away by how much more effective waxing is than shaving. Your skin is smooth and hairless, and you are looking forward to a few weeks of not picking up a razor. However, maybe you’re just not sure what your schedule will be… read more

My First Brazilian

You have heard about it through your girlfriends and TV shows like Sex and the City but have been skeptical for numerous reasons and have never quite taken that leap. Despite your fears and doubts, Brazilian waxes are very popular and can change how you think about hair removal… forever! So, should you take the… read more

Waxing When You Have Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you’re probably used to having to pick different products. You may know that you need different face wash, laundry detergent, lotion, and shampoo than your friends. You may even believe that your sensitive skin prevents you from doing certain things, including waxing. Good news: you can ditch the razor and… read more

How to Choose a Hygienic Waxing Salon

When your waxing service isn’t performed in a hygienic waxing salon, it could cause you injury, and if they have not sterilized their equipment, bacteria could get inside your wound, which may lead to you contracting an infection. At Brazils Waxing Center, we are proud of the fact that we are absolute clean freaks. We… read more