Six Steps for Effective Hair Removal

woman smiling after visiting waxing salon in Brooklyn

When you visit your local waxing studio, you expect to receive effective hair removal that leaves you with smooth, bare skin. We believe that high-quality waxing services begin with techniques that treat your skin with the utmost of care. Our six-step waxing process will have you on your way to the hair-free skin you’ve been dreaming of.

Six-Step Hair Removal Process

woman after receiving face waxing treatment in Brooklyn

Step #1: Cleanse the Skin

This important first step in the process helps remove any dirt and bacteria from the surface of your skin to provide a clean surface for hair removal.

Step #2: Prep the Skin

Once the skin is clean, it can be prepared for waxing. We do this by applying a pre-wax oil that nourishes the skin and prevents wax from sticking to it.

Step #3: Apply and Remove Wax

At Brazils, we use a vegan-based hard wax that reduces trauma to the skin. The wax will be applied and then quickly removed (without strips), taking your unwanted hair with it.

Step #4: Remove Excess Wax

Once the hair is removed, our team member will apply a post-wax oil to help remove any small bits of wax that remain on your skin.

Step #5: Soothe the Skin

To help soothe your skin following your waxing treatment, a warm towel will be applied to the area we treated.

Step #6: Repair

In this final step of the hair removal process, your waxing professional will review any post-care instructions and recommend products to promote quick skin recovery.