Five Wax Hair Removal Myths Busted

woman performing leg waxing

Have you thought about getting waxed for the first time, but changed your mind because of something that a friend or relative said? There are a lot of myths floating around about wax hair removal, and we’ve heard most of them.

We understand that it can be difficult to discern myth from fact, even if you get waxed on a regular basis. In today’s post, we’ll dispel five common waxing myths that you might have heard. Check them out below.

woman after eyebrow waxing in brooklynCommon Waxing Myths

Waxing Hurts!

This is probably the most common misconception about waxing. While there can be an element of discomfort with wax hair removal, much of this can be eliminated with the proper technique and tools. Our team uses a hard wax that does not adhere to the skin like soft wax does. It also requires no cloth strips to remove, providing a safe, comfortable waxing experience with as little discomfort as possible. Additionally, we will recommend after-care instructions to minimize skin irritation and discomfort as much as possible.

Your Hair Must Be Long to Wax

While your hair does need to be long enough to allow the wax to grip it, it doesn’t need to be excessively long. Most waxing studios recommend waiting two to three weeks in between appointments to ensure that your hair is long enough to wax, which usually means when the hair is about one-quarter of an inch long. Our team members can trim your hair if it is too long at the time of your appointment, but we cannot make it grow faster.

Waxing Can Cause Wrinkles

Some people mistakenly believe that wax hair removal stretches your skin, reducing the skin’s elasticity. The thought here is that this reduced elasticity eventually contributes to wrinkles.While the skin must be held taut when you are getting waxed, it is not stretched any further than it would be in the absence of waxing. Other factors, such as genetics, sun exposure, and stress may cause wrinkles, but waxing does not.

Waxing Doubles as Exfoliation

This myth may have something to do with the soft wax that many waxing salons use. Traditional soft waxes adhere to the hair shaft and your skin, and when it is removed with the cloth strips, you inevitably lose skin cells with it. This can cause irritation and even lead to tearing of the skin. Hard waxes adhere only to the hair, eliminating this problem. Lightly exfoliating before and after your waxing appointment can enhance your results, but waxing is no replacement for exfoliation.

Shaving Between Appointments Makes Waxing Easier

In an effort to go as long as possible between waxing sessions, some believe that it is beneficial to shave between appointments. Whether you get bikini waxing or facial waxing, shaving can minimize the benefits that waxing has to offer. This is because shaving can cause razor burn, ingrown hairs, and other types of skin irritation that can make it more difficult to effectively remove hair the next time you get waxed, and it can impact the manner in which your hair grows back.

Clean, Comfortable Wax Hair Removal

Being more informed about body waxing can help you feel more comfortable when selecting the right hair removal method for your needs. At Brazils Waxing Center, we provide safe and effective wax hair removal services with proven techniques and a special hard wax to ensure long-lasting results that you are sure to love. Don’t let unfounded myths hold you back from getting the best wax of your life — book your appointment now!