Worried About Waxing? Here Are 4 Tips to Ease Your Anxiety

Body hair removal dates all the way back to ancient India between 4000 to 3000 BC. Women used multiple substances, including arsenic sulfide, to create a paste-like depilatory. Fortunately, body hair removal has come a long way since then and is now available and effective for every body type.

Worried about the potential for discomfort during waxing? Don’t be! If you’ve ever shaved you’re familiar with nicks, cuts, razor bumps, and other irritating after-effects. Choosing a professional body waxing salon with experienced estheticians eliminates all of these annoyances while removing hair safely and comfortably for superior results.

If you’ve never experienced professional waxing services, the whole process might seem a bit daunting. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed about the prospect of visiting a body waxing salon. Try keeping these four tips in mind for a successful experience.

Do Your Research

There’s no shortage of waxing places near UCF, but not all are created equal. It’s important to research potential salons before you walk into a random center. Online reviews can be a helpful source of information, as can a salon’s social media pages, or advice from family and friends. Knowing what to expect can go a long way in easing anxiety before your first visit.

Know the Difference Between Hard and Soft Wax

Whether you’re looking for a Brazilian, eyebrow, or back wax, you want there to be as little discomfort as possible. Many body waxing salons use both hard and soft waxes, choosing hard wax for only the most sensitive skin and soft wax for other areas of the body.

While both are effective, soft wax adheres to body hair and skin, increasing the likelihood of irritation. Hard wax only adheres to body hair, so choosing a waxing center that uses only hard wax is a great way to ensure minimal irritation and maximum smoothness.

Prepare for Your Appointment

When scheduling an appointment, especially for a bikini or Brazilian wax, it’s important to keep in mind that the skin in those areas is typically very sensitive. Before you head to your appointment, make sure you’re wearing loose clothing to minimize friction between your newly waxed skin and your clothes. Additionally, you can take acetaminophen about 30 to 45 minutes before your appointment to help reduce discomfort.

Make Regular Appointments

It might seem silly to make follow-up appointments before your first wax, but it’s a good idea to consider doing so. When you go to your body waxing salon for regular appointments, your hair follicles become weaker, which leads to less irritation or discomfort during subsequent treatments.

The most important considerations when choosing a body waxing salon are your level of comfort and trust in the establishment. Reputable salons maintain high levels of cleanliness and take the time to make sure you’re well-informed and at ease before the waxing process begins.