What You Need to Know About Post-Wax Treatments

After waxing, you will need to take care of your freshly waxed skin. If you do not, your skin could take longer to recover. But if you follow a few easy tips, you can have all the benefits of waxing without worrying about post-waxing skin issues.

Here are six tips for post-wax treatments:

Follow the Waxing Center’s Instructions

Waxing centers have trained aestheticians who know how to take care of your skin. After you leave, all they can do is provide instructions for you to carry out at home. Follow their advice! You are receiving the benefit of years of training and experience in skincare.

If you have any questions, you should feel free to call your aesthetician for clarification.

Avoid Irritating the Area

Your skin may be sensitive after waxing. Wear loose clothing and avoid things that might irritate the skin such as harsh chemicals or vigorous activities. After a day or two, you will probably be able to resume your normal activities with silky smooth skin.

Use a Moisturizing Lotion

Your skin keeps microbes out of your body and moisture in. After waxing, the upper layers of skin sustain some damage. By applying a post-waxing lotion or cream, you help the skin heal while providing moisture to your exposed skin. At Brazils Waxing Center, we carry a variety of products to keep your skin happy post-wax. Give your closest Brazils Waxing Center a call to learn more about our moisturizing recommendations as well as our steps for exfoliating, cleansing and repairing your beautiful skin.

Apply a Cold Compress

Cold reduces inflammation by forcing blood vessels to constrict. You can use an ice pack or even a towel soaked in cool water to soothe your skin. If you use an ice pack, just be sure to limit your cold compress sessions to about 20 minutes to avoid frostbite.

Apply Warm Compresses

Periodically use warm compresses on the waxed area. Warm compresses can help soften the skin and prevent ingrown hairs. Keep in mind that ingrown hairs can lead to an infection and scarring. This will give you exactly the opposite effect you want.

Do Not Pick Your Skin

You may be tempted to pick at bumps, ingrown hairs, or blemishes that appear. Resist the temptation. Picking can break the skin, allowing bacteria on your fingers to get into the bumps and ingrown hairs. This may cause infection.

Treat your skin well after a waxing treatment and you will experience all the amazing benefits that waxing can offer.