What All Visitors Should Know Before Getting a Full Body Wax

According to the Professional Association for the Beauty Industry, it typically takes two to three waxes to remove hair growth properly. In addition, shaving the growth will only have you going through the waxing process all over again. Waxing will improve the appearance of your skin, maintain the health of your skin and reduce unwanted hairs and stubble. Below is everything you should know before getting a wax.

Preparation for Waxing

Make sure you are properly prepared for your wax. Exfoliate your skin before your appointment to make sure the wax can easily remove your hair, leaving your skin silky smooth. Double check that your hair will be long enough before your waxing appointment. The best hair length for waxing is 3/4 of an inch. Preparation ensures that you have a better experience with your waxing routine.

Longevity of the Wax

Waxing lasts 3-6 weeks when you visit the best waxing center in your area. The duration can vary from person to person depending on several factors. These factors include how fast your hair grows, how frequently you wax, and the thickness of your hair. You can ask your stylist for their opinion on how long your wax will last based on their professional experience. The experts at Brazils Waxing Center locations are happy to talk to you about your hair growth and waxing goals.

Products Used in Waxing

Waxes are typically made from wax, lanolin, and beeswax. Our experts apply wax with a medical grade applicator stick, evenly spreading the wax over the skin. Tweezers are used on fine or stubborn hairs when necessary. The best waxing centers take extra care to ensure high quality and safe products.

Brazils Waxing Center locations follow a 6-step process to ensure the highest quality waxing sessions for our clients. First, we cleanse the skin. Then, we prep the skin with a pre-wax oil. The next step is applying the wax and removing unwanted hair. When the waxing is complete, we’ll apply a post-wax oil to help calm the skin. We’ll continue the soothing process by applying a warm towel to the waxed area. Finally, we’ll use our custom Repair formula to prevent irritation and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. All of our products consist of naturally derived ingredients and are formulated to give you the best results possible.

The Hair Removal Method

Estheticians use wax to remove all your unwanted hair on your legs, face, arms or other areas. The wax used in this procedure helps pull off the unwanted hair from its root without causing any damage to the skin. Using high quality wax, you can remove all the hair follicles from the target area, leaving your skin glowy and soft.

When embarking on getting a wax, be sure to do your research first. It is essential to ensure you work with the best waxing center in your area to get the best results. Waxing removes hair from the root of your skin. It can be a relatively painless method of hair removal if a trained professional does it correctly. If you’re looking for the best waxing center in Oviedo, FL, do not hesitate to contact us today.