Tampa’s Bikini Waxing: From Full Body to Bikini it’s Your Choice

Everyone has their own unique preferences when it comes to how they look, and that includes what they choose to do with their body hair. Whether you love the look and feel of being completely bare from head to toe, or you prefer to target specific areas like your arms, back, or bikini line, you should be able to ask for exactly what you want at your local waxing salon without being judged. At Brazils Waxing Center Tampa, our range of waxing services, from classic bikini to full body, means you never have to settle for anything less.

A Full Range of Waxing Services to Choose From

confident girl after having full bikini waxing in Tampa

Waxing is our passion at Brazils Waxing Center Tampa, which is why we’re always happy to help people to discover the hair removal approach that makes them feel their sleekest and sexiest. We offer plenty of body waxing options including legs, arms, ears, shoulders — basically any body part you can imagine. We even offer total body services if you want to address all your body hair in a session at Brazils Waxing Center Tampa. However, we’re particularly proud of all the full bikini waxing services we provide to get the exact style you want for your most intimate areas.

In addition to the classic full bikini waxing, which targets all those rogue hairs that make it past your bikini line, we also provide the following specialty services in Tampa:

  • Brazilian, including Mini, Plus, Brazilman, and South – You can feel completely smooth from front to back, or just in the front. We can also wax your stomach or your legs as part of our Brazilian Plus and Brazilian South services.
  • Inner Thigh – Say goodbye to the hair along your inner thighs with a targeted waxing service that lets this soft, smooth skin shine.
  • Full Buttocks or Strip – We can remove any unwanted hair on your derriere, whether it’s only the strip or both cheeks.

Book Your Next Full Bikini Wax and Other Services at Brazils Waxing Center Tampa

These are just a few of the waxing services we provide for our clients in Tampa, North Tampa, Terrace Park, Sulphur Springs, Temple Terrace, University Square, and at the University of Southern Florida. If you know exactly what you want, or you want to learn more about our services, call Brazils Waxing Center Tampa today at (813) 425-1621. We can set you up with a full bikini waxing, face wax, and more!