The Dos & Don’ts of Waxing

There are many waxing centers across the country, and probably at least several in your area alone. Waxing has become more common, with countless women getting waxed on a regular basis. Nonetheless, many of us still want to know more about waxing. You may not realize that it’s one thing to go to a good waxing place; it’s another thing to be properly prepared for your waxing session. With that being said, let’s get into some of the dos and don’ts of getting waxed that we should all know about in advance.

Do: Exfoliate

You’ll want to make sure that your skin is soft and ready for waxing with as little dead or dry skin in the way as possible. For that reason, you should exfoliate before your first waxing session. Consider asking the employees at a good waxing center for recommendations regarding exfoliators. Then, make sure you refrain from exfoliating in the 48 hours leading up to your waxing session to make sure that your skin isn’t vulnerable on the day of your wax.

Don’t: Shave

Generally speaking, it’s not recommended that you shave shortly before your waxing appointment. This is because hairs that are too short cannot be gripped by wax. You’ll be left with skin that is highly irritated, and the wax won’t be as effective. Wait for your hair to be grown out to at least a quarter of an inch before you go in for a waxing session.

Do: Prepare for Multiple Sessions

Your first waxing session won’t necessarily remove all of the hair you want to be removed. Typically for beginners, it takes two to three waxes before your hair is fully removed. Be prepared for this; after your hair is initially removed, it will be much easier for you and a waxing professional to keep up with it afterward.

Don’t: Use Lotions

You can absolutely use gentle lotions after your waxing session. However, on the day of your session, you shouldn’t lather yourself in lotions. This could make the task much more challenging for your waxing professional as lotion makes it difficult for wax to grip your hair.

Do: Let Your Skin Breathe

On the day of your waxing appointment, you need to let your skin breathe. We suggest wearing cotton underwear! Cotton underwear is less irritating and more breathable on freshly waxed skin. It will lessen your risk of negative reactions following your appointment and will make it easier for your skin to heal following the wax.

Waxing is nothing to be worried about. You’ll love the results, just be prepared for the process!