Why Sugar Waxing isn’t the Sweetest of Options in Tallahassee

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Sugaring in Tallahassee, FL?

If you live in or around Tallahassee, FL, you may have heard a new (but sticky) trend picking up traction among those who are searching for a waxing service in the area.

Yet despite its sweet sounding name, this alternative to Brazilian wax is leaving Tallahassee residents quite sour.

First Up, What is Sugaring?

Turns out, sugaring isn’t new. Not by a long shot. In fact, the technique is said to have originated centuries ago in Persia. But like most things of times past, the process has evolved in ways for the better.

This process involves creating a sugar paste resembling something you might use to make lemonade. No, really. The ingredients usually consist of melted sugar, lemon and water. The syrupy concoction is then spread on your skin and when cooled it can be peeled off to (theoretically) remove hair.

And while it can “help”, it is far inferior, and kind of gross, as compared to a professional Brazilian wax.

So why are some people going back to “sugaring” in Tallahassee? We’re asking ourselves the same thing really.

When most everyone across the country is cutting carbs and sugar, Tallahassee residents are out here lathering the stuff on their skin.

Why Sugaring is Just a Sticky Situation

Sugaring is well-known as a sticky, inferior and messy way to remove hair. Below are a few of the reasons why sugar is best left for your grandma’s chocolate cookie recipe.

Are you Searching for “Sugar Waxing Near Me” – Here are 4 reasons to think again before lathering up…

1. Sticky and Gross

Ever think getting covered in maple syrup was a good idea? Yeah, we didn’t think so either.

2. About as Smooth as Sandpaper

Look, sugaring CAN remove some hair, but the end result is typically a much rougher surface area than is accomplished by waxing.

3. Hair Grows Back Faster than Bamboo

Because sugaring doesn’t generally get down to the root, hair typically grows back much faster than it would have had you gotten a traditional Brazilian wax.

4. Leg Hair Longer than Chewbacca

Unlike a Brazilian wax, sugaring requires that you GROW OUT YOUR HAIR longer than usual before employing the process. Not exactly appealing.

Why Brazils Waxing Center Tallahassee is the Way to Go

1. Flawless Results – Every, single, time. Our highly trained technicians rank among the very best in Brazilian waxing and have a proven track record of successful customer outcomes to prove it.

2. Improved Comfort & Specialized Technique – We utilize a special process designed specifically with a goal of improving comfort and reducing the pain involved with waxing your more intimate areas.

3. Support and Care – Other competitors claim it, we live it. From your first phone call to the day of your session, our team will be friendly, professional and supportive. Our salon is a guaranteed judgement-free zone.

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