Which Brazilian Wax is Right for You?

Whether you are preparing for your first Brazilian wax or you are looking to change up your normal routine, Brazils Waxing Center in Jacksonville has your Brazilian hair removal needs covered. We offer several types of Brazilian waxes to suit your individual preferences. If you have questions about each type, our waxing specialists are happy… read more

Body Waxing Isn’t Just for the Ladies

People often consider waxing to be a grooming technique that is reserved for women, but our team of experts is here to let you in on a little secret: men can benefit from body waxing too! At Brazils Waxing Center in Tampa, we offer a wide variety of high-quality men’s waxing services and our friendly… read more

Six Steps for Effective Hair Removal

When you visit your local waxing studio, you expect to receive effective hair removal that leaves you with smooth, bare skin. At Brazils Waxing Center in Brooklyn, we believe that high-quality waxing services begin with techniques that treat your skin with the utmost of care. Our six-step waxing process will have you on your way… read more

Get the Most from Body Waxing

Did you know that everything from the timing of your waxing services to the medications you are taking can have a great impact on the quality of your hair removal service? Whether you are new to body waxing or it has been a while since your last visit to the salon, the team at Brazils… read more

Common Facial Hair Removal Services

When you have unwanted facial hair, it can be tempting to remove it by shaving or plucking it. While these hair removal methods will work, neither will provide the long-lasting benefits of waxing. At Brazils Waxing Center in Tampa, we offer facial hair removal for women that is both effective and affordable. Book your appointment… read more

Why Give Facial Waxing a Try?

Having unwanted facial hair can be frustrating, and if you use at-home hair removal methods, you might have considered whether or not you could benefit from waxing services. You may be tired of the pain and irritation that often comes with shaving, plucking, and bleaching, or maybe you are just ready for a solution that… read more

Brazils Providing Waxing Services at 2nd Location in Jacksonville!

If you’re tired of the inconsistent results you’re receiving from your current waxing salon, or if you are thinking about getting waxed for the first time, Brazils Waxing Center is here for you! For many years, we have helped Florida residents achieve silky smooth, hair-free skin, and if you are a Jacksonville-area resident, we can… read more

There’s a New Waxing Studio in Statesboro!

There is nothing more frustrating than paying top dollar for body waxing services and ending up with nothing but irritated skin and subpar results. When you place your trust in a professional company, you deserve safe and effective hair removal. Thankfully, if you live in Savannah, disappointing wax appointments are a thing of the past… read more

Brooklyn’s Newest Body Waxing Salon!

waxing salon in brooklyn

Are you a Brooklyn-area resident who is tired of the knicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs that come with shaving? Maybe you are tired of all the pricing increases at your current waxing studio? If so, Brazils Waxing Center is here to help! For years, we have provided unbeatable waxing services to Florida residents, and we… read more

Our New Waxing Salon in Tampa!

Are you looking for a new waxing salon in Tampa that offers a wide variety of high-quality services? Whether you are interested in getting your unwanted hair waxed for the first time or you are tired of your current salon’s price increases, Brazils Waxing Center is here for you! We have been serving customers in… read more