Never Shave Again: Learn The Advantages Of Waxing

waxing near FSU

Dermatologists agree: waxing is the key to luxuriously smooth skin. “Because the hair comes out by the root, it grows back in much slower than shaving, so you stay nice and smooth longer,” Dermatologist Angela Lamb tells Elle magazine.

Plus, let’s face it, those of us living in Florida wear skin-baring shorts, capris, and tank tops much more often than our friends up North. As such, Florida State University (FSU) students are much more likely to invest in waxing year-round. Why is that the case?

If you are looking into waxing near FSU and are still on the fence, here are some compelling reasons why you should take the leap.

Waxing Exfoliates Your Skin

It is common knowledge that, compared to shaving, waxed hair takes much longer to grow back. The benefits of waxing do not stop there! Waxing does not just remove hair. The process also removes several layers of dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth, fresh, and — yes — exfoliated.

When it comes to proper shaving, exfoliation is a necessary additional step. The experts at Dollar Shave Club recommend exfoliating prior to shaving to avoid burning, irritation, and razor bumps. Exfoliating before shaving lifts hairs and moisturizes skin to prevent inflammation and redness. That means that, in order to achieve a close, irritation-free shave, the extra effort of exfoliation is necessary. Save yourself the time and hassle of this step by choosing waxing near FSU.

Regular Waxing May Reduce The Appearance Of Thick Hair

There is a fierce debate about whether shaving causes hair to grow back thicker and darker than before. While the facts show that shaving does not alter the color or thickness of your hair, there is one important thing to know before shaving head to toe — and especially before using the method to remove fine or all-but-invisible hairs. Shaving blunts the tip of hairs, and that can arguably make it appear coarser and more noticeable.

Want to avoid that mess altogether? Body waxing does the opposite. After repeated, regular waxing sessions your hair may appear finer with fewer hairs growing back. That means waxing provides an advantageous, cumulative effect. Not only does it take longer for hair to grow back, but you will also have fewer hairs when it does.

Waxing Saves Time and Money

“By making the switch, you’ll no longer have to keep replacing your razors and shaving cream, which can really add up,” Elle writes. A Gillette razor with five blades costs at least $25, depending on where you purchase it. Razor cartridge refills range from $15 to $40. With numbers like that, it is safe to say that doing it the old-fashioned way — or continuing to shave — gets pricey fast.

Another reason to look into waxing near FSU is time. Men and women spend at least some time shaving every day or every other day. By contrast, average waxing sessions are once every three to five weeks.

Waxing Eliminates Nicks, Cuts, and Inflammation

If you do not shave daily or near-daily, you do not have to worry about the cuts, nicks, and scrapes from shaving. At least some cuts are inevitable, thanks to being in a wet, slippery, and soapy environment while shaving (typically the shower or bath).

Similarly, did you know that regular shaving leads to chronic inflammation? Routine shaving involves routine friction. When you shave every day or just about every day, you are exposing your skin to the friction of a razor scraping across it. That inflammation makes your skin thicker and increases instances of skin-to-skin friction as well. Waxing, on the other hand, avoids the near-constant friction from hair removal, limiting these instances to just once monthly or every month-and-a-half.

Say goodbye to razor burn. Call us today to learn more about our services and about waxing near FSU!