How To Keep Your Legs Smooth After A Good Waxing

Waxing is important to a lot of people and it’s done for many different reasons. Some people wax in order to simply cut down on the time that they spend shaving, as waxing can potentially last for a good deal longer. Others wax only for special occasions. Some waxing clients choose to wax seasonally, saving their waxing sessions for the summer. No matter what your reason is, a leg waxing session is worth it. After you’ve had your legs waxed, you’ll want to ensure that the smooth feeling lasts for as long as possible. The question is: how?

1. Don’t Shave

While some believe that the adage to avoid shaving after waxing is an old wives’ tale, this is not the case. There is truth to the idea that you shouldn’t shave soon after waxing. Shaving essentially resets your waxing process. Shaving can cause your hair to grow back in random directions, which makes it more difficult to remove in the future. If you do see any hair growth after waxing your legs, you should remove it with scissors rather than shaving.

2. Cover Hair Growth

If you see hair growth after your first session or two, it’s understandable for you to want it gone, but you need to leave hair removal to the waxing professionals. In the meantime, you should resort to covering up your hair growth. Try using tanner to cover up hair growth, or even apply makeup. On the other hand, there are hair-reducing lotions you can use. While these won’t compare to another session, they can help.

3. Exfoliate

In order to keep your legs as smooth and hairless as possible, exfoliate in between sessions. Use an exfoliant and loofah to keep your skin smooth on your legs. This will not only make your legs softer, but will also discourage hair growth in between waxing sessions.

Remember that you need to leave waxing to the professionals. Leg waxing at home can ruin your hair growth and leave you dissatisfied. In this case, it’s better to stick with those who know best.