Cleanliness is a definite must in any facility. Whether you’re a business or a customer, there are endless advantages of keeping everything sanitized and tidy. At Brazils Waxing Center, we are absolute CLEAN FREAKS! Our facilities are spotless and our techniques are highly hygienic, so you can rest assured that our waxing services are sanitary. Here’s why we’re better than the rest:


Service Chairs

Our lay-down style service chairs get sanitized with medical grade cleaner after each and every service. Once cleaned, we place a new medical grade disposable sheet on the chair for every client.



We provide a medical drape or “disposable blanket” for each treatment for maximum client comfort. Most clients are nervous about baring it all, so providing a fresh clean drape gives them a chance to get comfortable and relax.


No Double Dipping

Double dipping is when a stick is used to apply wax and then placed back into the pot of wax to apply more wax.

We NEVER double-dip application tools. All sticks used are medical grade depressors. We dip them in wax, apply it to the client, dispose of the stick then grab a new, unused stick.


Fresh Pot of Wax

Some facilities will use the same pot of wax that has been used on numerous people before you. People can potentially carry infections, bacteria, and germs. When you are getting a waxing service, those things can be transferred to whatever area is being waxed. This is a no-go for us. At Brazils, we bring you a fresh pot of wax every single time. There is no need for sharing and no more wondering how long your wax has been sitting in your room prior to your service.

Brazils is our name and cleanliness is our game! Book today!