5 Tips to Help Stop the Sting of Waxing

We all know that waxing hurts, but your wax doesn’t have to make you scream. Whether you’re going for a bikini, a Brazilian, or a brow there are a few tips and tricks to get the results that you want without the sting.

Take a Hot Shower Beforehand

Get steamy. Take a hot shower or bath about 20 minutes before your wax to reduce the pain.  The steam in the shower naturally opens the pores and softens the hair making the waxing process easier and more pain-free.

Exfoliate The Day Before

Use an exfoliant the day before your wax. We have a great option at Brazils called Prevent that can be picked up from the store before your wax. Ours is specifically made for waxing. Or you can pick one up from your local store. Exfoliating will clear all of the dead skin and bring the hair to the surface making it easier to catch the hair with the wax.

Get Waxed Regularly

The best way to reduce the pain of waxing is to get waxed regularly. Here, at Brazils Waxing Center we recommend going once a month and we will even give you a discount if you keep up with regular maintenance. Waxing damages the hair follicle and thins the hair. Less body hair means less pain.

Stop Shaving

Shaving actually makes the hair denser and can cause the growing cycle to become irregular. As soon as you start waxing you should stop shaving, this way the growing cycle will be more consistent and you can not only achieve smoother skin, but a less painful wax.

Take An Aspirin

Try taking a pain reliever about 20 minutes before getting waxed, this will not only relax your muscles but take away that painful sting.

Ultimately, it’s not that bad and the fear factor can be your worst enemy. When you are anxious your muscles will tighten and you’ll forget to breathe. One of the most common statements that we get is – oh, that wasn’t that bad. So, just relax, breathe, and enjoy that silky smooth skin. 

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